Top three exporting services

National data

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Top three exporting services

(% of total services)

 Other Business Services38.0
 Telecommunications, computer, and info. services9.7
United Kingdom
 Other Business Services26.9
 Financial and insurance services25.0
 Other Business Services21.4
 Telecommunications, computer, and info. services10.2
 Other Business Services28.2
 Charges for the use of intellectual property n.i.e.22.8
 Telecommunications, computer, and info. services12.8
 Other Business Services33.5
 Telecommunications, computer, and info. services7.3
 Other Business Services28.8
 Telecommunications, computer, and info. services11.9

Regional data

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  •  29/10/2018

Trade in services data are drawn from international "balance of payments" statistics. The categories corresponding to the higher level of the standard classification are used, with the exclusion of transport services.

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Source: OECD, STI scoreboard.